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How are families chosen?
The need for a decent house is the most important criterion in the selection of a family. While many factors can determine need, the condition of the family's current dwelling is the primary consideration. This includes such items as:
              lack of plumbing or sanitation facilities
              unsafe construction
              structural deterioration
              over crowded conditions
* Prior to any family being chosen, members of the Habitat Family Selection committee will visit them in their current residence.
The family's willingness to participate during the building process and afterwards is a very important consideration. They should be responsible, honest, and willing to share the Habitat ministry and enthusiasm. Habitat could not continue our mission without the assistance of a partner family willing to help the organization when needed.
Since new Habitat homes greatly enhance a neighborhood's overall appeal and value we expect our homeowners to maintain their properties.  Habitat will strive to arrange support and homeowner education as needed to help make homeowners successful.
The selection process will not discriminate against anyone based on their race, religion, color, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.
A family must have enough income to pay for the house and such things as heat, water, electricity, taxes, insurance, and maintenance.  Proof of income and a credit check may also be done during the selection process.  Habitat for Humanity also requires a criminal background check be done on every applicant and co-applicant before final approval of a Habitat family.

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